Natural Citrus peel extract, Soapnut and Neem oil blend Freshcoat Pest-free Pet Wipe.


  • 100% Natural, Handcrafted and Biodegradable
  • Effective alternative to harsh chemicals such as bleach, phenol, and other chemical solutions we typically use in living spaces for our cleaning purposes.
  • Anti-Bacterial Efficacy 99.99% 
  • Cleans only outer fur and keeps pest free
  • Effective odour and pest control
  • Retains oil on their skin that keeps their skin healthy.


Directions for Use: Wet cloth with 1 part pet wipe to 10 parts water and wipe pet coat followed with plain water wipe.

Wipe pet dry with dry cloth or let them dry in sun. Use only when required once a day for upto three days.

PraanaPoorna PET Wipe (pest free) 750ml