Divya Venkatesh

Founder, Cedar Organics India

Cedar Organics India was started as a skincare brand almost 2 years back by Divya, after the birth of her kid. The focus of the brand was initially on making chemical-free products that were safe for use on both adults and children.

Although the product packaging was already in glass containers, the focus was not entirely "earth-specific" back then.

A few months down the line, during one of her grocery-store runs, Divya realised that she was saving on a lot of unwanted packaging which was a direct result of MAKING her own products. 

This came as an eye-opener since it also made her understand the larger impact the Brand could have on its customers and the planet when it came to waste reduction!

Slowly, she took the time to learn and make home-care cleaners too, and this truly got her started on the journey towards sustainability.


In her own words - "I realised  that it's not only the product that had to be kept in mind, the entire packaging process needed to be taken care of. "

 The Vegan and Eco-friendly aspects of the brand today, reflects Divya's personal journey over the past 2 years.


This is what she wants to pass on to her customers - Products that are made and assembled mindfully, making for a guilt-free shopping experience,  for the end consumer.

In other words, skin & earth loving products that come in plastic-free and easy-to-dispose packaging!

Additionally, in order to promote her "Make-over-Buy" mantra, she conducts zero-waste workshops for making everyday cleaning and skincare products.

She also has a DIY Youtube Channel and Blog, where she shares simple, eco-friendly recipes and tips to encourage people to take the first step! 



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