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OUR Story 


Cedar Organics India is an Eco-friendly Skin & Home-care brand whose sole mission is to give its customers true ZERO-WASTE shopping experience.

We hope to deliver products that are made from the heart, keeping in mind the larger impact it has on the community, the society and the world. Our planet is grappling under a lot of trash-related problems already, and we at Cedar do not wish to add more to it. We believe that what comes from the earth, also needs to go back to the earth!

You'll see that all are products are packed in glass containers, using minimalist packaging materials like newspapers, cloth scraps, cardboards etc, all of which can either be recycled or composted. 

Read our Founder's story and how it shaped our brand here.


Not only are our products 100% plastic free, they are also completely chemical-free making it safe for the humans using them, and for the earth. :)

Finally, our products are made with ingredients that are locally sourced(which not only reduces their carbon foot-print, but also supports other SMALL BIZ like ours), VEGAN, and handcrafted with a lot of love and care,  so that only the best, most authentic product reaches you! 



We stand strong on our principle of co-existing peacefully with nature and being known as a brand that is kind and compassionate to the environment, animals and the humans inhabiting the earth. 

We strive to reduce the trash problem associated with buying skincare and other products, by providing sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives that are not only safe, but also economical. Choosing to lead a sustainable, mindful existence is a basic right, and not something only for a privileged few. Keeping this in mind, we've priced our products such that we can provide our customers with the best, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We also believe that one can only lead by example. We practise what we preach and we share about the same on our Social media channels like Instagram, through our Youtube videos etc.  All of this is aimed at spreading awareness amongst the global audience about what each of us can do, to tackle trash, starting at our own homes.

How can you do your bit?

  • Check out Be the Change to know how you can make a difference.

  • Sign up for our zero-waste workshops to learn basic DIYs and simple lifestyle changes that will help you reduce trash at your homes.

  •  Every Step we take in the right direction matters! Get involved in the conversation - Cedar Earth. Meet our tribe of like-minded earth-friendly folks like yourself, sharing their experiences, wins, snippets from their sustainability journey and more, so that we all can motivate and inspire each other and grow!  

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